Coffee & Espresso Bar


Counter Culture Coffee

Brewed Coffee-seasonal coffee, changes daily

Pour-Over-manual brewed coffee

Americano-handcrafted espresso with hot water for a smoother, stronger coffee

Classic Drinks

Cafe Latte-Classic latte with espresso and steamed milk

Cafe Mocha-Classic latte infused with chocolate

Cappuccino-Classic cappuccino with 1/3 espresso, 1/3 steamed milk and 1/3 foam

Vanilla Latte-Classic latte infused with vanilla

Signature Drinks

*Hot, Iced or Froccino (frozen latte)*

Smores’ Mocha-Classic mocha with toasted marshmallow

Hazelnut Mocha-Classic mocha with hazelnut for a Nutella flavor

Cherry Mocha-Chocolate covered cherry in a cup

Salted Caramel-Our homemade salted caramel infused into a latte

Black & White Cookie-White and dark chocolate flavors


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Our craft food is here for breakfast and lunch! It’s southern inspired and locally sourced. Can’t wait for you all the try it!


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